Announcement on Bank of Singapore Launching Amber Hill Fund Products

2021/06/08    |     189    |     Author:安山集團

We are committed to providing high net worth clients with a comprehensive range of high-quality asset allocation financial services. We would like to share with our investors the progress we have made towards this goal. Amber Hill Group and Bank of Singapore ("BOS") have entered into a close partnership and a fund product of the Group's asset management company have been successfully launched at the Bank of Singapore Private Bank, becoming officially, a customized financial products for BOS’s private bank. Currently, BOS customers have successfully purchased via this avenue. In the future, Amber Hill will continue to adhere to the mission of creating greater asset value for the future of global high net worth clients’finance, and continue to diversify our investment products to meet your various professional needs.


Bank of Singapore (Bank of Singapore), headquartered in Singapore, is a wholly owned subsidiary of OCBC Bank, the second largest Bank in Southeast Asia. As one of the fastest growing private banks in Asia, OCBC provides customized risk-based solutions to meet clients' financial needs with a solid foundation, a structured and consistent approach to operations, an open architecture product platform and strong research capabilities. By the end of March 2020, the total capital management scale of Singapore banks reached 123 billion US dollars.


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June 8, 2021