Amber Hill Group and Smile Charity Foundation launches student sponsorship visit

2021/10/20    |     202    |     Author:Amber Hill


From 14th to 15th October, the charity ambassador of Amber Hill Group, Smile Charity Foundation, and U-Hearts visited Ganzhou City in Jiangxi Province to carry out a sponsorship visit. Accompanied by Ganzhou Overseas Chinese Federation, the parties checked and accepted the new teaching building of Hengshui Central Primary School donated by Smile Charity Foundation , offering help to students in need.





With the introduction of the principal of Hengshui Central Primary School, the charity ambassador visited the new teaching building and checked the conditions of basic education facilities such as the Young Pioneers team room, library, desks and chairs, guardrails, protective nets, classroom bookshelves, lecterns, and teacher desks, etc.


The principal of Hengshui Central Primary School said that the good deeds of Amber Hill Group and Smile Charity Foundation illuminated the education path of students. This is a sign of care and at the same time, it is also an expectation placed on the students. The school will definitely turn this care into a driving force for progress and return to society with excellent teaching results. The principal hope that the students will learn to be grateful, turn gratitude into the ambition of becoming a talented person, allowing gratitude to become the source of force for hard work, and constantly strive for self-improvement.




The charitable ambassador held a sharing talk for the school's representatives of teachers and students and got to know in detail about the current situations of students, including their study life and family-related matters. Books and sporting goods were donated on the spot, hoping that students can broaden their horizons, thereby improving cultural literacy, strengthening their physique, and allowing the students to grow up healthily and happily.



In order to express their gratitude to Amber Hill Group and Smile Charity Foundation, the students specially rehearsed song performances and poetry recitations, and presented a gratitude poster. The students said: "We are very fortunate that we have a new teaching building and a better learning environment. This is an encouragement for us and also shows the hopes that you have on us. Thank you uncles and aunts. We will study hard and repay the society with excellent results as well as to not let down all the people who cared for us."





Sponsoring students in their education is like building dreams, like the wind gathering strength to help young people spread their wings, fly in the wind, chase their dreams, and run towards the promising future. Adhering to the idea that public welfare funding for education is concept of creating a possibility for the future, Smile Charity Foundation started donating to schools in Guangxi, Jiangxi, Hunan, Guangdong and other regions in need of help since 2020, and has set up special public welfare funds to offer help to these schools and students in various formats, including providing them with funds, materials, and arranging volunteers to help. Smile Charity Found will continue to pay attention to school construction and students' learning conditions, and provide comprehensive care, hoping that students can not only study but also study well.


A century-old plan, education is the foundation, and the youth group is the embodiment of social hope. Amber Hill Group always regards education as one of the most important social welfare undertakings, and enthusiastically pays attention to and spares no effort to support various charitable public welfare education activities. Through the establishment of a loving fund, donation of basic teaching facilities, living and learning materials, and the sponsorship of various charitable fundraising activities and various other ways, Smile Charity Foundation take practical actions to help students who are in need of social support, to allow them to grow healthily and realize their dreams.