Amber Hill Group’s wholly-owned subsidiary is awarded with the“12th JIEFU Awards”

2021/11/23    |     222    |     Author:Amber Hill Group


On 17th November 2021, the 12th Fund and Wealth Management·JIEFU Awards ceremony was held in Shenzhen. More than hundreds of outstanding institutions from the major banks, securities firms, futures firms, trusts, asset management firms, public entity funds, private equity funds, FOF, family offices, wealth management financial technology competed for the title of outstanding institutions of the year.


The JIEFU Awards established and launched by Caishiv has been regarded as an industry benchmark award with great influence and is known for its innovation in the financial industry. Since its establishment and launch in 2014, it has received more than 3,000 applications from licensed financial institutions for participation in the award evaluation. The JIEFU Awards has won a good reputation and has gained recognition in the financial industry. The JIEFU Awards Evaluation Committee is composed of well-known experts and scholars in the global financial industry. The award will be given out after careful evaluation based on the data submitted by each participating institution, along with results from the Evaluation Committee’s visits and investigations.  



▲ Representative of Amber Hill Group’s wholly-owned subsidiary (the “Subsidiary”) receiving the Award


Relying on a sound investment strategy and a strict risk control system, the Subsidiary has stood out in the fierce competition and strict evaluation and was presented the Best Overseas Private Equity Fund Management Co. award. Receiving this award is not just the industry and the market’s strong recognition of the Subsidiary but it is also a great encouragement to the Subsidiary in its asset management and other businesses.


The Subsidiary has been engaged in asset management and investment business since it first acquired the asset management license in 2014. The core fund product managed by the Subsidiary has exceeded USD 1 billion and along with its related companies in Mainland China, the scale of the asset management business exceeds 10 billion Hong Kong Dollars. The trading team has more than 10 years’ experience in research and development and trading. It has independently researched and developed a quantitative trading system centered on artificial intelligence, computing, risk control and trade and has thereby established a series of innovative, unique and one-of-a-kind investment funds for investors.


The fund mainly invests in the global foreign exchange market, selecting products with the most liquidity and trading volume, cooperating intelligent algorithms and data with highly efficient and high-powered trading system to select the trading portfolio with the most advantageous price in a very short period of time. Transactions are completed instantly and profits are settled, thereby providing investors with steady gains.


Do not forget the original intention and move forward with honour. The honour from receiving this award has inspired the Subsidiary to continue to adhere to its customer-first philosophy, grasp opportunities, work hard and continue to improve asset management capabilities to create long-term, stable and excellent investment return for investors.


Note: The name “JIEFU Award” originates from Wang Anshi, courtesy name Jiefu, who is best known as a governmental reformer who implemented his unconventional ideals through the New Policies. JIEFU Awards was established and launched to commend institutions and individuals who have made excellent achievements in the financial industry. The financial themes of JIEFU Awards include: Fund and Asset Management, Asset Securitisation, Private Bank and Wealth Management, Fintech, Futures and Derivatives Trading and so on.