The core product was shortlisted for the HFM Asia Performance Awards

2021/12/21    |     373    |     Author:Amber Hill


In October 2021, Amber Hill ES Currency Arbitrage Fund, a product of Amber Hill Group’s wholly-owned subsidiary was shortlisted for the HFM Asia Performance Awards—Arbitrage (Relative Value / Quant & Market Neutral) Award as a result of its outstanding performance.

The HFM Asia Performance Awards is one of the most authoritative awards in the hedge fund industry in Asia, and is jointly judged and presented by HFM AsiaHedge Awards and Eurekahedge Awards, two authoritative hedge fund awards in the Asia-Pacific region, to recognize the risk adjustment and absolute return performance of various hedge funds in the Asian market in terms of investment strategy and asset size.

The award comprehensively examines the overall performance, management level, investment methods, research strength, risk control ability and other factors of the fund management institution, and each category of awards follows strict evaluation standards, and multiple rounds of evaluation are conducted, based on the performance of each pooled company in the past 12 months and feedbacks from comprehensive hedge fund industry experts and customer. In terms of fund performance, the focus is on the quantitative analysis of the fund's risk-adjusted return rate, absolute return performance and Sharpe ratio, so the selection results are comprehensive and authoritative. This shortlist is a high recognition of the investment team and investment research strength of Amber Hill Group's wholly-owned subsidiary.

Amber Hill Group's wholly-owned subsidiaries manage more than $1 billion in core fund products and have win the trust of investors with stable returns. The trading team has more than ten years of experience in research and development and trading, independently developing a quantitative trading system with artificial intelligence, computing, risk control and speed as the core, to achieve low latency trading, and the full electronic quantitative strategy is not interfered with by human factors, regardless of market conditions, and strives to provide high returns with minimal risk.

Be persistent and willing to invest and harvest will come. The wholly owned subsidiaries of Amber Hill Group will adhere to the purpose of serving customers wholeheartedly, preserve and increase the wealth of customers with professional financial technology and sincere service, and strive to become a leading international financial services institution.

Founded in 1998 by Hedge Fund Managers Week, the HFM AsiaHedge Awards is an internationally renowned publication of Hedge Fund Newsweek. Eurekahedge Awards was established in 2004 while Eurekahedge was founded in Singapore in 2001. Eurekahedge offers a database of professional hedge funds covering Asia, Europe, North America and Latin America for more than two decades and is widely recognized by the industry, making it the world's leading third-party service providing with regards to hedge fund news, indexes and databases.