Group’s wholly-owned subsidiary’s fund product won the ”Hedge Fund Awards 2021“

2021/12/24    |     779    |     Author:Amber Hill


On 10th December, the results of the Hedge Fund Awards of Bloomberg Businessweek were announced. Relying on its outstanding performance, Amber Hill Fin-Tech Algorithmic Fund SP Class B, a fund product of Amber Hill’s wholly-owned subsidiary (the “Subsidiary”) won the “Best Emerging Hedge Fund” award. This fully demonstrated the great potential of the fund product of the Subsidiary and also the fact that the fund product has been greatly recognized by the market and investors.

"Hedge Fund Awards" was held by Bloomberg Businessweek for the first time this year to recognize hedge funds with outstanding performance and to deepen investors' understanding of hedge funds. The winning fund product was selected after a comprehensive analysis and evaluation of the return performance of hedge funds by Bloomberg Businessweek and Bloomberg Global Data and thereupon determining the fund project with an outstanding performance.


Amber Hill Fin-Tech Algorithmic Fund SP Class B has only been established for less than 2 years but it has achieved an average return that is higher than that of the average market therefore it has received great interests from investors. It has shown great potential in the hedge fund market.

Winning the Best Emerging Hedge Fund Award is a recognition not only of the fund product but also a recognition of the fund management of the Subsidiary. Amber Hill Group independently researches and develops a quantitative trading system with artificial intelligence, computing, risk control and speed as the core, and establishes multiple domestic and offshore funds. The funds mainly invest in the global foreign exchange market and select products with the most liquidity and trading volume. Using intelligent algorithms and data to cooperate, along with an efficient and high computing power trading system, it can select the most advantageous price trading combination in a very short time, complete the transaction and settle the profit in an instant. The adoption of multiple configurations allows it to effectively capture more investment opportunities and the requirement of a strict risk control system allows it to control product fluctuations and retracements within a small range, and thereby achieving stable returns.


Persistent and strive for the future. The Subsidiary will continue to use professional investment capabilities to achieve steady asset appreciation for customers, and to improve the overall competitiveness of the Amber Hill Group with professional management capabilities and make every effort to achieve the goal of becoming a world-class financial institution.


Bloomberg Businessweek is one of the world's leading business magazines and one of the world's most widely circulated business magazines, dedicated to providing in-depth reporting and analysis from a global perspective. The Hedge Fund Awards 2021 covers a wide range of categories, including Best Equity Fund, Best Credit Fund, Best Macro Fund, Best Multi-Strategy Fund, Best Relative Value Fund, Best Greater China-focused Fund, Best Global-focused Fund, Best APAC ex Greater China-focused Fund, Best Female Fund Manager, Best Emerging Fund (with 1 year performance track record), Best Hedge Fund < $500mn, and Best Hedge Fund > $500mn.