The Group looking forward to joining hands with you for a better future!

2022/03/03    |     765    |     Author:Amber Hill Group

Amber Hill Group (“Group”) has been experiencing expeditious growth since its incorporation, it shall always and continue to uphold its core value of people-centered, integrity, and professionalism to the fullest. With the aid of its state-of-the-art algorithm and a team of global talents, the Group believes it can generate stable returns to its client and can leap forward to other industries.


To fully utilize the Group’s algorithm and hence generate a better return to its client, its controller Professor Ng Yu (who has recently been appointed  as a Professor and Advisor to Dean of the Hong Kong Polytechnic University) (“Professor Ng”) with his team have been striving hard to globalize the business through integrating and expanding the Group’s business across the globe.


Recently, Professor Ng has via Amber Hill Group’s subsidiary advanced an interest-free and security-free revolving facility in the maximum principal amount of US$750,000,000 (equivalent to HK$5,850,000,000) to Target Insurance (Holdings) Limited (“Target Insurance”), which is a Hong Kong main board listed company and an entity controlled by Professor Ng. This indicates that Professor Ng as the controller is financially sound and is willing to support each and every entity and business under his control despite the instability of the global capital market and cut-throat competition with entities in the same trade. This also proves that the Group is sound and stable as a going concern and is determined to be globalized and diversified.

In recent years, the protracted economic downturn caused by the pandemic and geopolitical tensions has further exacerbated the instability of the global capital market. Hong Kong is particularly vulnerable given the most recent large-scale pandemic outbreaks and social unrest in the past 2 years. In these circumstances, various large multinational enterprises and high net worth individuals have transferred their business and assets to other countries (i.e., Singapore, United Kingdom, Europe, and Australia) for safety reasons (the “Transfer”). As many perceive these countries are transparent and have stable political systems, along with mature financial instructures and reliable judicial systems. The Group shall remain as the best companion of all its client and shall go beyond Hong Kong to provide financial services around the globe.


The Group believes it can grasp and utilize more opportunities than its competitors in the current market downturn with wisdom and solid technique. The Group shall also explore the overseas market opportunities, consolidate its resources and unleash market potential. The Group shall strive to explore Singapore and European markets while at the same time strengthening its high net worth client’s basis in Hong Kong and Greater China. The Group shall also continue to search for potential acquisition targets to gain more strategic resources and market shares to enhance its international status while sustaining its growth momentum for globalization.


Looking forward, the Group shall further expand its business scope and further enrich its product profiles while continuing to perfect its traditional fund business at the same time.Target Insurance, the Group and Professor Ng shall endeavor to get a vital role in the global insurance market by acquiring insurance companies based in Europe and America and establishing a reinsurance company to acquire substantial insurance assets to promptly increase the Group’s assets under management. The Group shall also actively engage in expanding in Asia-Pacific market and developing its EAM business to provide more product choices to its overseas high net worth client. As for the Greater China market, the Group shall expand its QDLP pathway to provide a solid foundation for its business in the Greater Bay Area.


The rapid development of the Group heavily depends on the contribution of all its staff. The Group believes it shall serve as a splendid career development platform for everyone.


The Group believes each and every staff can shine and exert his/her caliber in the Amber Hill Platform!


The Group looking forward to joining hands with you for a better future!