The office of Amber Hill Group Taipei won the German IF Design Award in 2021

2021/05/28    |     90    |     Author:安山集團


Recently, the German IF Design Award 2021 was announced. Out of nearly 10,000 entries from 52 countries/regions, the design of Amber Hill Group’s Taipei office stands out in the interior architecture category.


The office is located in the bustling Taipei metropolitan area, abandoning the conventional design of the general financial industry office, using "soft" as the design core and created a soothing "oasis" in the noisy city.


Through the interaction of light, wood and stone, the work shows the essence of the integration of man and nature. The overall use of large area of glass curtain wall light into the room, through the wooden grid and compartment design, which allows the light and air flow through and evenly dispersed on the warm wood, showed a "transparent sense of space". The design of the high and low curve of the wooden grille conveys the image of the hill represented by the corporate concept of "Hill".



The work satisfies the different usage needs of clients and employees. The double doors at the entrance are designed to divide the flow of traffic, cleverly defining the scope of the public and private areas; the meeting room uses moving doors which adds flexibility to the use of each item, resolving interference between simultaneous meetings.




At the same time, the design of the work creates a comfortable, relaxed and bright atmosphere. The leader's office creates a sense of space transparency through the calm grey-green and two floor-to-ceiling windows. The carpet contains three different shades of blue, overlapping the color layer like the ocean, giving people a comfortable feeling like wandering in the sea. The staff office adopts is an open space without estrangement. The exposed pipeline on the ceiling and the hanging plants and lamps at random are used to strengthen the change of vertical levels and the sense of openness. Floor-to-ceiling glass Windows are used in the open rest area to enjoy the city scenery and soothe the fatigue between work.


It is reported that the German iF design award has nearly 70 years of history, is one of the most authoritative awards in the global design industry, with the "independent, rigorous, reliable" award concept known around the world. Its most significant gold award is known as the "product design industry Oscars". It aims to raise the public's awareness of design, recognize the world's most outstanding fine design and promote it to the society, hoping to change the public's life with design. The iF design award is divided into nine categories: product design, packaging design, communication design, service design, architectural design, interior design, professional concept design, user experience design, and user interface design, etc. The iF design awards are judged in five aspects: design concept, appearance, function, differentiation, and influence.



Amber Hill Group is a global investment company, is committed to high net worth clients from all over the world to provide personal financial planning, in order to achieve the customer's financial goals. Its core quantitative trading system was founded on Wall Street in 2010, and it now possesses securities, insurance, funds, loans and relevant license or qualification. The Group has set up offices in Hong Kong China, mainland China, Taipei China, Singapore and other regions.  The Group is dedicated towards providing intelligent and technology-based services in asset management, wealth management, global asset allocation and investment consulting.