The trading team has more than ten years of research and trading experience. The quantitative trading system was developed by the team with artificial intelligence, algorithms, risk control and speed as the core focuses. The trading system achieves ultra-low latency and the whole electronic quantitative strategy is not interfered by human factors and the big data analytics are conducted by supercomputers.



After obtaining the license of asset management in 2014, Amber Hill Capital Limited, our subsidiary, began to carry out asset management busines in Hong Kong and we managed over USD550M in our core fund product. Combined with our affiliates in Mainland China, the asset under management of the Group exceeds HK$7 billion. Based on customer-oriented investment strategy, we invest in a variety of asset classes, such as securities, foreign exchange currencies and bonds, among which good investment returns are achieved through quantitative arbitrage trading in the foreign exchange currencies market. With over 10 years of R&D and trading experience, our trading team researched and developed our own in-house quantitative trading system with artificial intelligence, algorithm, risk control and speed as the core focuses and created a series of innovative and unique investment funds.


    We have launched a number of domestic and offshore funds. The core fund products has achieved zero drawdown for the year 2018-2019 and according to Simuwang.com, it was ranked among the top five performing overseas hedge funds globally for three months in a row in the same year. The fund mainly invests in the global foreign exchange market and selects the instruments with the highest liquidity and trading volume, using intelligent algorithms, data analytics, and adopting highly efficiency and computational trading systems to identify trading pairs with the most advantageous price in a very short time frame. Trades are completed and gains are realised instantaneously, providing stable returns for our investors.

We believe that wealth management is much more than just asset allocation and is also a life-long planning for individuals based on trust and integrity. The wealth management product mix designed by us can grow and protect customersʼ wealth in the long term. We provide wealth management services, such as family trust, tailor-made insurance and financial advisory services. Our clients includes listed companies and financial institutions. Managing wealth in the right way makes everything possible. We strive to create a better future for the investments, businesses and family of our clients.


    Family trust is a form of wealth management of which a trustee is entrusted by an individual or a family to manage the family wealth to achieve the wealth planning and inheritance goals. Through family trust, the ownership of assets and income rights become relatively independent. Customers will be authorising us and appointing us as the trustee while we will allocate and manage their wealth based on clientsʼ wishes. Family trust can help high-net-worth individuals to better plan their “wealth heritance” needs.


    Amber Hill Insurance Brokers Limited, A subsidiary of the Group, holds an insurance brokers license and provides insurance brokers related businesses to satisfy client insurance demands and offer clients with tailor-made insurance products. The insurance market is well-developed and relatively mature market in Hong Kong. It offers several advantages such as low premium, well-established regulatory frameworks and diversified product offerings. At present, Life Insurance and Investment Insurance products are being offered.


    Through our extensive private banking network, our robust external asset management services enable you to manage your personal accounts with ease, helping you to fully participate in international market investment, broadening the investment scope and providing you with abundant investment opportunities. On the other hand, investors can capture investment opportunities in overseas markets via the capital market platform in Hong Kong to satisfy various needs.


    The Family Office team provides customised wealth management solutions for high-net-worth customers with dedication in providing high-quality services consistently. The long-term goal is to help customers to accumulate profits and secure their assets including professional family services and asset protection plans. We care and understand the specific needs of clients and their families from different regions. By filtering products and portfolio management, we strive to provide more diversified investment types and services to customers.