Amber Hill Group was invited to attend a public welfare projects

2022/12/21    |     497    |     Author:AMBER HILL


(The representative of Amber Hill Group accepted the award)


In the afternoon of December 14, The 10th anniversary of Shenzhen Volunteer Service Foundation and the launch ceremony of "Shenzhen Volunteer Red" series public welfare projects was held in Futian, Shenzhen, officially releasing the "Shenzhen Volunteer Red Charity Trust". Amber Hill Group was invited to attend the event as a caring enterprise.


As the first voluntary service charitable trust in China, Shenzhen Volunteer Red Charity Trust was established and managed by China Resources Trust under the joint promotion of Shenzhen Municipal Communist Youth League Committee and Shenzhen Banking and Insurance Regulatory Bureau, with the Municipal Volunteer Service Foundation as the principal. The initial scale was 5 million yuan, including 300000 yuan donated by Amber Hill Group,Amber Hill Group and Smile Charity Foundation have donated more than 5 million yuan to various charities since their establishment.

Based on Shenzhen's "City of Volunteers" and advocating the concept of "protecting our people", Shenzhen Volunteer Red Charity Trust will provide professional training, rights and interests protection, courtesy plans and other projects to care for volunteers and promote the sustainable development of volunteer services for Shenzhen's vast number of volunteers, and extend to public service projects such as "helping the poor and the weak, rural revitalization, helping the orphans and the disabled, and supporting teaching and learning".


This donation is a continuation of the public welfare friendship between Amber Hill Group and China Resources Trust, and a beneficial attempt to jointly explore the diversified ways of financial assistance for public welfare. In June 2019, Amber Hill Group, together with China Resources Trust, participated in the public welfare activity of "never forget the original intention and go along with the road" in Yuantian Village, Heyuan City, and practiced the public welfare way of "party building+charity". This time, Shenzhen Volunteer Red Charity Trust opened up a new public welfare model of "foundation+charitable trust" with charity as the purpose and trust as the means, giving play to the project management The synergy between project implementation and charitable trust mechanism is flexible, independent of property, transparent in management, and efficient in value preservation, so as to achieve charitable purposes in compliance, transparency, and efficiency, and jointly promote the development of public welfare undertakings.


This donation is an enterprise responsibility of Amber Hill Group, which never forgets its original intention and gives back to the society. It is also a vivid expression of the positive energy of friendship, harmony and common progress on the road of public welfare. Dr.Ng Yu, the chairman of Amber Hill Group, founded the Smile Charity Foundation in 2019. After years of operation, he has made positive contributions to epidemic prevention, student and teaching assistance, disaster reduction and relief, and helping the weak and the needy. Together with the public welfare, Amber Hill Group has integrated social responsibility into the corporate gene and future development.


In the future, Amber Hill Group will continue to maintain a high sense of social responsibility, do its best to pay back the society, and contribute wisdom and strength to the high-quality development of public welfare and philanthropy.