Entering a new stage of development

2023/04/19    |     1137    |     Author:Amber Hill


In the afternoon of April 12, the signing ceremony for the mainland China headquarters of IGC ( ), a member of Amber Hill Group, was held in China Resources Tower in Shenzhen, China, this marks that IGC entered into a new stage of development and started a comprehensive and multi-field in-depth cooperation and win-win cooperation between IGC and China Resources Group.


Dai Chengyan, member of the Board of Directors of IGC, Yang Xianzhao, head of the office building Department of CR Mixc Lifestyle, and other leading guests attended the signing ceremony to witness the historic moment of Amber Hill Group's leap forward development.


Reaching consensus and achieving win-win cooperation


At the signing ceremony, both parties had full discussions on entry and future cooperation, reached a consensus on mutual empowerment and complementary advantages, and conducted in-depth discussions on multi-level and multi-dimensional cooperation models after IGC’s entry.


The representative of IGC said that this entry will inject more innovation and vitality into the development of both sides. The high-quality office environment and comprehensive supporting services of China Resources Tower will provide IGC with superior development conditions and a more comfortable working environment, supporting IGC's expansion in the mainland market. At the same time, IGC will also explore more cooperation opportunities with China Resources Tower, adding new connotations to the brand image of China Resources Tower.


Yang Xianzhao, the head of the office building department of CR Mixc Lifestyle , said that the entry of IGC is a concrete manifestation of China Resources Tower's pursuit of international and excellent corporate values, representing the addition of strong wings to China Resources Tower. Taking this cooperation as a model, we hope to provide support for the future high-quality development of IGC and promote the mutual development of both sides through comprehensive optimization and improvement of operational services.

Subsequently, both parties signed the entry agreement and went to the entry unit for a ribbon-cutting ceremony, which officially opened a new chapter of close cooperation and joint development between the two parties.


Continue friendship, gather momentum 

This entry to China Resources Tower is a vivid implementation of the comprehensive cooperation between Amber Hill Group, IGC, and China Resources Group.


Since its establishment, Amber Hill Group has maintained a good cooperation with China Resources Group in terms of business exchanges and voluntary services. The Group has participated in the public welfare activities of poverty alleviation in Yuantian Village, Heyuan City, and participated in the " Shenzhen Voluntary Red Charitable Trust " established and managed by China Resources Trust, exploring diversified ways of financial assistance to public welfare and jointly promote the development of public welfare undertakings.


With this entry, the business expansion and cooperation between the two sides will be more in-depth and closer, providing new opportunities to enhance the social influence and market competitiveness of the two parties and improve the brand image of the enterprises.



China Resources is committed to building its flagship office property, China Resources Tower, with its strength and foresight. Relying on the approximately 1.5 million square meters of China Resources Shenzhen Bay project and the approximately 400 meter skyscraper landmark, it builds a unique "spring shoots" design that matches the height of global famous enterprises. Houhai Financial and Commercial Advanced Business Park, where China Resources Building is located, has attracted many top 500 companies and headquarters enterprises. The regional headquarters cluster and composite business platform form a synergy to realize the "internal circulation" of the building economy through the organic integration of various resources, and bringing an innovative and open industrial innovation ecosystem for enterprises.


China Resources Tower, as the commercial cover of the Bay Area, will gather strong momentum for IGC's high-quality development in the future.



Relying on the mainland and serving the world

The location of IGC in the base of Houhai Financial Business Headquarters and its entry in China Resources Tower is the implementation of the enterprise's strategy of "basing based on Hong Kong, relying on the mainland, and connecting the world". With the advantages of international vision, excellent teams, leading technology,  IGC will rely on its innovative development concept and sustainable creativity to build an enterprise group with integrated financial services and investment management, and become an active participant and leader in the economic development of countries along the Belt and Road counties.


Since its establishment, the fund products of the wholly-owned subsidiary of Amber Hill Group have been awarded the "Fund and Wealth Management · Jie Fu Award" by the authoritative rating agency Caishi China and the "Hedge Fund Award" by Bloomberg BusinessWeek, we and have been highly recognized by the market and investors and showing a strong competitive advantage. We are committed to being a world-class financial institution that provides comprehensive asset management solutions to our valued customers.