‘Value Enhancement for listed companies and investor relationship management’ forum in Kweilin

2022/06/30    |     1227    |     Author:Amber Hill



The issuance of documents in the capital market indicates that investor relationship management of listed companies has entered a new stage. To keep pace with the evolution of the new era and enhance the value of listed companies, the 21st Lighthouse forum namely ‘ Value Enhancement for listed companies and investor relationship management ’ was held by Shenzhen Value Online Information Technology Co., Ltd. in Kweilin. Amber Hill Group fully supported and participated in this event.



During the forum, Mr. Yu Guogang, a pioneer of national reform and capital market development, together with more than a hundred of chairmen, deputy general managers, board secretaries and financial directors from listed companies all over the country gathered to share experience and engaged in talks and dialogues on value enhancement and investor relationship management. It aimed at reinforcing the high-quality development of listed companies.




Dr. Yang Jifu, director and head of R&D of Amber Hill Group, consultant of Shenzhen Equity Investment Research Association, delivered a speech on ‘Investment Strategies of Listed Companies Under Global Market Volatility ’, he also conducted in-depth analysis on three major topics like global market fluctuations, characteristics of China’s economic development and asset allocation strategy. And through detailed explanation on the relationship between foreign exchange hedging and risk management, economic cycles, demand and supply, risk distribution, and investment allocations, it provided a pertinent and practicable investment strategy for the capital of listed companies to enhance company value. Dr. Yang Jifu's speech was well received and recognized by the guests.




In the roundtable dialogues, the guests further discussed and elaborated on new changes in the capital market and new directions for listed companies. It sparked strong debate among the guests, loads of ideas on cooperation and value enhancement were communicated and exchanged.




The forum has built a multi-dimensional communication platform that promotes exchange and cooperation between listed companies. It played an important role in implementing new requirements on investor relationship management, forming market consensus, enhancing company value and investors’ sense of achievement.


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