Amber Hill Continental 2022 Recognition Conference and 2023 Spring Festival Dinner

2023/01/16    |     428    |     Author:Amber Hill


Group photo of participants

The new year begins with the new journey. On the evening of January 13, the 2022 Commendation Conference and the 2023 Spring Festival Dinner of Amber Hill in the mainland of China were successfully held in Guangzhou. With the theme of "Renewal, Breakthrough and Win-win", the party summarized the past and conspired to make a new start. With a new and glowing attitude, the party made a breakthrough and wrote a new chapter of co-creation and win-win.



Company Summary

At the beginning of the party, the company summarized the work in 2022 and thanked all employees for their hard work in this year, and put forward the work outlook for 2023. It said that in 2022, Amber Hill has made breakthroughs in optimizing the operation management system, strategic innovation, product development, pipeline development, etc., realizing the expansion of increment on the basis of activating the stock and improving the asset management efficiency; We improved the corporate governance model, made major adjustments in personnel structure, management system and other aspects, and improved the company's management efficiency. However, under the influence of external environmental challenges, the Group still needs to continue to do a better job in transformation and upgrading. Looking forward to 2023, the Group should first improve its active management and service capabilities, optimize its product structure, adjust its personnel structure, actively adapt to market changes, and prevent and resolve market risks; Secondly, all employees should be confident and proactive, jump out of the comfort zone, change and innovate, exert their talents and potentials, do every job well with quality and quantity, realize self-appreciation, create greater value, and inject strong impetus and innovative vitality into the high-quality development of the Group.



Leader's speech

Subsequently, the Deputy General Manager of Amber Hill Group's Greater China Region said that 2022 was a year full of ups and downs. The Group had made attempts in all aspects and achieved excellent results, but also had some regrets. But it is these regrets that make us find the coordinate system of cognition faster. In 2023, we need to innovate the operation mode, strengthen the team building, build a new business team, a professional investment research team, develop and implement new products with more characteristics and competitiveness, further enrich the product system, improve comprehensive financial services, and be more confident in dealing with various risks and challenges, and more capable of seizing market opportunities, Promote the high-quality development of the Group to achieve a new leap.

In order to give play to the exemplary leading role, praise the advanced and inspire the fighting spirit, in combination with the actual work in 2022, Amber Hill commended a number of advanced collectives and individuals emerging from the work, thanked them for their hard work and efforts in the past year, encouraged all employees to learn from the advanced, catch up with the advanced, and achieve self-transcendence. The award-winning representatives have said that the honors won are not only the praise and affirmation of the past work, but also the encouragement and encouragement of the future work. They will continue to be based on their own duties, take the initiative, turn honor into the inexhaustible driving force for progress, and work together to compose a new chapter of the group's development with the creation of value and the promotion of value as the orientation.



lucky draw


On the scene, the  lottery links and talent show were carried out alternately. Under the warm interaction, the atmosphere continued to rise. Everyone shows their talents. A song of guzheng, which is passionate and soothing, penetrates the history and inspires people to move forward bravely; A song that is either touching or cheerful or warm, arouses the happiness factor, brings emotional relaxation, touches the inner heart, brings feelings of life, and shows the spirit of harmony, love, unity and vitality of the group.


talent show

The wheel of time rolls forward, and the pace never stops. In 2022, Amber Hill overcame difficulties and moved forward tenaciously, achieving the goal of making progress and improving steadily; In 2023, Amber Hill will continue to struggle, meet new challenges and opportunities, and strive to achieve higher quality and higher level of development in the tide of the times.