Amber Hill Holdings Shanghai Branch donated 10,000 protective masks to the Shanghai Yanbaohang……

2020/06/30    |     898    |     Author:安山集團

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, Amber Hill Holding Group has paid close attention to the development of the epidemic and actively fulfilled its corporate social responsibility. After donating tens of thousands of masks to Hong Kong, Fujian and other places, Amber Hill Group also donated masks to the Shanghai YanbaoHang Social Welfare Foundation.


Since March, with the close cooperation of the mainland leadership, enterprises and the public on the prevention and control of the epidemic, the epidemic has reached a turning point. The prevention and control work has gradually turned to internal relaxation and external tension. It is urgent to prevent imported cases and further outbreaks from abroad, and protecting the safety of Chinese people has resolutely become the key to the prevention and control of the epidemic. To help others is to help onself. Hereby, Amber Hill Holdings Limited Shanghai Branch, on behalf of Amber Hill Smile Charity Foundation, donates 10,000 protective masks to Shanghai Yanbaohang Social Foundation. The two parties completed the donation ceremony with Chairman Huang Anmin, representative of Shanghai Yanbaohang Social Foundation, at the office of Amber Hill Shanghai Branch located at the Shanghai Bund Financial Center (BFC) on April 16, 2020. Shanghai Yanbaohan Social Foundation has been caring for and helping charity and public welfare undertakings for many years. The masks donated by Amber Hill Group will be distributed to the Ministry of Education, the Russian Embassy (Beijing), China National Railway Corporation and Shanghai veterans and other groups, so as to make timely contributions in accordance with social needs.



At the beginning of the outbreak of the epidemic, Amber Hill Holdings Limited has made a solemn commitment to the society that it will make full use of its corporate philosophy of seeking success while maintaining stability in the fight against the epidemic until the epidemic is completely defeated. Amber Hill has always kept its promise, and has taken with actions, reflecting the true nature of Amber Hill, having the courage to take action and willing to help others.


Amber Hill believes that as spring turns to summer, the baptised branches and leaves will be more luxuriant, the world will be more dazzling, the power of life will be more tenacious. Go China, Amber Hill is always with you!


Here, tribute is made to all the comrades involved in the fight against the epidemic.

Now and in the future -- you, me, and Amber Hill!