Amber Hill Financial Holdings Limited and Target Insurance (Holdings)LTD.donated money to help fight

2021/08/06    |     499    |     Author:


In mid-to-late July, many parts of Henan province were hit by extremely heavy rainfall, causing heavy casualties and property losses. On August 4th, Amber Hill Financial Holdings Limited (SEHK stock code 00033) and Target Insurance (Holdings)LTD. (SEHK stock code 6161) announced that they would donate HK $100,000 each through the special account of Hong Kong Shantou Chamber of Commerce and sent letters to Henan Provincial Party Committee and Henan Provincial People's Government to express condolences to the victims' relatives and the injured, and to support the flood relief and post-disaster reconstruction work in Henan.


Amber Hill Financial Holdings Limited and Target Insurance (Holdings)LTD. have always maintained a high sense of social responsibility, practiced corporate responsibility, actively participated in public welfare undertakings, and conveyed humanistic care. At the same time, we call on the business community and all sectors of the society to lend a helping hand to disaster recovery in the spirit of "when one party is in trouble, support from all sides", build dams for flood control, and help fellow citizen in the disaster areas overcome the difficulties.